The government demands employers to prevent the risk of infection from migrant workers. One of the initiatives is that the Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA) will have stricter supervision in the construction industry. The government will also apply the Epidemic Act, which allows self-insulation of employees.

The government has taken seven initiatives to reduce the risk of infection from workers commuting between Denmark and other countries.

Minister of Employment Peter Hummelgaard says:

– We now require all employers to control the work environment and avoid the COVID-19 infection from the outside. All employers have a responsibility. The government will follow the situation closely, and if, for example, there is a need to enforce quarantine through legislation, the government will start a new discussion with the parties.

The Government is taking seven initiatives:

  • It is the responsibility of the companies that the working environment is controlled and the necessary measures have been taken in relation to COVID-19.

  • More control can send more in self-isolation. WEA, the Danish Patient Safety Authority and, if necessary, the police will be aware of the application of the rules to make full use of this opportunity.
  • As soon as it is practically / technically feasible, an offensive test strategy is implemented, eg at the borders. Initially, healthcare professionals from abroad who work in Denmark are prioritized, so as to avoid the transmission of infection to particularly vulnerable groups in, for example, Danish nursing homes.
  • The Working Environment Authority (WEA) will monitor stricter contamination from Corona in the workplace. Here, the most relevant industries are guided, including in particular the construction industry. WEA issues executive orders when necessary.
  • A fast-working task force is set up with the participation of the social partners focusing on coronary infection. The task force must make recommendations very quickly to prevent contagion in the specific industries.
  • The government is closely monitoring the infection situation in the commuter regions and is ready to intervene quickly if it develops in a negative direction.
  • The government is ready to legislate so that a 14-day self-insulation requirement is imposed for all residents regardless of nationality if the companies cannot meet the challenges of the corona themselves.

Guidelines from WEA

The Danish Working Environment Authority has published a number of guidelines and recommendations for industries with migrant workers (foreign workers). Read more about prevention of infection risk in the Construction industry

In addition, the Danish Working Environment Authority, together with the Board of Patient Safety, has prepared guiding information materials for a number of industries, including: liberal service industries, such as hairdressers, schools and daycare centers, slaughterhouses, road freight transport, the green area. Read more about corona prevention in these industries

Contact the Working Environment Group if you need advice on migrant workers and prevention of coronary infection. We have experience in advising foreign companies and can help you prepare APV and PSS in several languages. We also like to take a round with you. Call 40406628 and contact Poul Bang Nielsen.