Mandatory Health and Safety Training

A company with 10 employees or more, must select a health and safety representative and appoint a supervisor who takes care of the work environment. Within three months after the election/appointment, they must undergo a health and safety training.
This training can only be offered by certified providers such as Arbejdsmiljoegruppen. On construction sites, there must be a health and safety group (occupational safety and health representative and a supervisor) if a company is employing five employees or more, and the work lasts 14 days or more.

On OSH training

The mandatory health and safety training lasts 22 hours– every day from 12 noon. 08.15 – 16.00 or as e-learning with a half a day of presence. The course must be completed within 3 months after the participant has been elected or appointed to the occupational safety and health group.

Occupational safety and health training in Polish

The occupational safety and health training is carried out with the involvement of a Polish interpreter. The training will be based on participants‘ experience and special areas of work, and will fully live up to the requirements of the Authorities.

Course certificate

Participants will receive a course certificate, when the entire training is conducted. It is a requirement that each participant is present at all hours. A copy of the course certificate will be sent to participants‘ employers, who should keep it. The labour inspectorate may ask to see proof of completed education.