Course purpose

The training gives the participants tools to manage and improve the working environment. The teaching gives you the knowledge you need in your work in the occupational health and safety organization (AMO).

    The work environment representative’s training

    The work manager’s training

    Work environment coordinator

    Supplementary courses

    The program of the course

    We have the following program items: The tasks and function of the working environment organisation. Duties and responsibilities for employers, managers and employees in relation to the Working Environment Act. Prevention methods and systematics in work environment work, including APV methods. Ideas for how you can actively influence attitudes and develop the working environment. Mental work environment. Inspection visit from the Norwegian Working Environment Authority. Reporting and analysis of occupational accidents. Information on where you can obtain information and new knowledge about the working environment. See more in our education plan

    Competence Development Plan

    All health and safety members must draw up a competence development plan. The working environment training is only the first step in the direction of a working environment organization that can deal with working environment problems professionally. Therefore, every year the AMO/employer must offer the AMO members supplementary courses which can expand the AMO members’ competences in a relevant way.

      F.A.Q. about our courses

       Knowledge bank on working environment

      If you have questions about the occupational health and safety organisation, your new role and occupational health and safety tasks, have a look at our knowledge base. Knowledge about.

         Do I have to take the working environment training if I have the coordinator training?

        If you have the coordinator training, do you have to complete the mandatory working environment training? If you have completed the working environment training for coordinators of safety and health work within construction work, then you do not have to complete the statutory working environment training. (Source: Danish Working Environment Authority) Read about the working environment coordinator training


        How much do the courses cost?

        Get a course that suits your needs with a company course

        The working environment group holds many courses at the companies, where we start from the company’s own conditions and the topics they want to be covered. We also hold working environment courses for organizations or associations on themed days or fairs.

        Do you have a competence development plan?

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