Online Health & Safety Coordinator

Online Health and safety coordinator training

You can take the training as a Health and safety coordinator online. The flexible online course begins with one day of in-person instruction for the entire group, during which participants bring a PSS (Personal Safety System) from their construction site. The rest of the training is completed online.

You will gain a thorough understanding of relevant regulations, procedures, decision-making processes, communication channels, and communication methods, as well as business processes in the construction industry.

Additionally, you will develop an understanding of collaboration principles, communication, and the pedagogical tools that can be used in coordination work.

This will equip you with the skills and tools to work collaboratively with other stakeholders in the construction process to create a safe and healthy work environment.


The online training must be completed within a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 15 weeks.

There can be a maximum of 20 course participants in the online course for workplace safety coordinators.

Online Instruction:

The online course material is delivered through the LMS platform TalentLMS. It consists of various modules that include text, videos, and multiple-choice tests. The instructor is available to guide and assist participants throughout the course.

All communication between the instructor and participants takes place via TalentLMS (using the messaging system and discussion forum). The system is designed to facilitate communication among participants.

In the learning modules, there are subject texts to be read, followed by multiple-choice tests that must be passed with at least 80 percent correct answers.

Physical Instruction:

You only need to be physically present for the initial in-person instruction with the entire group. We will provide an overview of the training and create an activity plan for each participant.

We start from your knowledge and we review the most important task a coordinator has, on the introduction day

– Your teacher

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