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Who should attend the Health and Safety Course?


The mandatory health and safety course is aimed at health and safety representatives and supervisors.


Purpose of the course

The purpose of the program is to provide the health and safety organization (HSO) tools to improve the working environment for the benefit of the employees and the company. With an effective working organization the company can enhance cooperation on safety and jointly identify areas where improvement is needed.

22 hours course

The education must be completed within three months after the election of the safety representative and the appointment of the supervisor.


Who should have the work environment training?

All employees who are elected as a working environment representative or appointed as supervisor in the HSO must complete the statutory work environment training.


Which companies must have a health and safety organization?

All companies with ten or more employees who perform work for an employer must have a Health and Safety Organization (HSO). The key people in the HSO are these three people:

  • The employer
  • Health and Safety representative
  • The supervisor

HSO must continuously work with the company’s working environment. This means that HSO works with everyday working environment problems and the longer-term health and safety problems.

How big should HSO be?

HSO must be large enough to be able to carry out its tasks satisfactorily, and it must always be possible to get in touch with its work environment representative. In companies with 35 employees and above, there must be two instances:

One or more working environment groups and a committee that takes care of the overall work environment tasks where the employer or his representative participates.



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