Occupational Safety and Health Course 

To acquire basic knowledge of the work of a health and safety organization


Our Course Offerings

OSH Course

3-days Course (22 hours)

Who should attend?

The employer has to ensure that the health and safety representatives and supervisors  participate in a mandatory safety course.

Working environment representatives and supervisors have the right and obligation to participate in the mandatory health and safety training.

Employers and managers, e.g. a CEO, is not obligated to participate in the health and safety course.

What do you learn?

The health and safety course teaches participants the requirements and demands that are placed upon them as health and safety representatives and supervisors. Participants must achieve a broad knowledge of the health and safety issues, so teaching should address methods, planning and implementation of preventive health and safety work in the company.

In addition to the above topics, participants also carry out a practical assignment at the company in which they are employed. The time used to complete the assignment comes in addition to the 22 hours devoted to training.

How long is the training?

The mandatory safety training lasts three days or the equivalent of 22 hours. Included in the 22 hours are shorter breaks.

When should the training be conducted?

The mandatory work program must be completed within three months after the health and safety representatives and supervisors are elected or appointed, and not from the time when they take office.

Web-based health and safety training

Online Course (22 hours)

The mandatory safety training can be implemented as a web-based training.

What can I expect from the teaching?

When you take the Health and Safety training online, the teaching will be conducted as blended learning.

Via 12 online modules in our online learning system (LMS), you will be taught how to solve problems as the safety representative or supervisors.  Throughout the modules, you will be asked to solve various multiple-choice questions and give examples from the workplace.

How do I get my course certificate?

To pass the course you must be present at the introduction day. On this day, we agree on how to work with the practical assignment, which is part of the course. The purpose of the assignment is to link the course content with your work in work organization. The assignment must be based on a practical situation in your company, such as: an APV, a problem with the heavy lifting, noise in offices, chemistry or similar. You will get your course certificate when the task is submitted, and validated by the teacher.

Training in your own pace

The education is conducted at your own pace, but may take a maximum of seven weeks and must be completed in three weeks..   You can contact your teacher throughout the course. The instructor will guide and assist you if you need it. You can complete the education at home or at your workplace. Your employer is obliged to spend time on the education (22 hours).

OSH training at your company

22 hours

All our courses can be arranged at your workplace. It offers some obvious benefits as we can target the courses to your needs. The teaching is based on the values ​​and goals your company has. At the same time, you can have the opportunity to work with your own WPA (APV) or annual work environment discussion. In short, a company course is easy, flexible and adapted to your needs. Up to 20 people can participate – on online courses max. 16 people.
Our teacher contacts you, and together you can organize the course so that it fits into your everyday life and the actual working environment.
There are other obvious benefits of a company course. The dates can, for example, be planned according to your specific wishes, and it is cheaper for you when we hold the course at your workplace.
You make available suitable teaching rooms and meals yourself.
If you do not have suitable course facilities, we are happy to help you find a course location.
Corporate courses must be implemented in a team-wise manner. This means that the participants are followed up during the entire course and must be present on the entire course to obtain a course certificate.
If a participant has to interrupt his course, you must contact the Working Environment Group so that together we can find out how the participant can continue his course on another team.




Official authorizations

We have the officiel authorization from The Danish Working Environment Authorities to provide health and safety courses and OSH Coordinator training.

quality documentation

All our course activities are evaluated by the users and registered with the Danish Evaluation Institute (EVA).


Courses and advice

We thus hold courses in the mandatory health and safety training as well as health and safety coordinator training, but also supplementary courses in various work-related topics. The courses are held all over Denmark in many different languages. We provide these courses online and as attendance courses.

9 Years of Excellence

Our customers are a very wide range of public and private companies. The working environment group is certified by the Danish Working Environment Authority and approved by the Danish Evaluation Institute to offer mandatory occupational health and safety training for health and safety representatives and supervisors.

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About US

Our philosophy 

The mission of the working environment group is to meet the companies where they are and it is important for us to be a credible, reputable and professionally qualified partner.

Quality policy and quality objectives
As a company, we want to be known by the users as a provider of services that are constantly being developed in line with the needs of the users, and as a flexible company that would like to reach the user when the user is prevented from coming to us. In addition, it is a must for us to offer a framework for our courses, which fully meets the expectations of the customers as users of our course facilities.

Quality Reporting
Evaluations of courses are regularly followed up by the teachers, so we know whether the focus of the courses should be directed elsewhere.

Once a year, the company reports the evaluations to the Danish Evaluation Institute (EVA). It further assures us that if there were discrepancies between the intended quality and the achieved, it will be picked up here so that we can quickly correct the conditions.

Control and internal verification
At our summer meeting, proposals for corrections in work procedures are reviewed. It can be anything, from how a course is conducted, to how a feedback on counseling tasks must take place.
Management responsibility, verification and evaluation
The management has the overall responsibility in the company and is therefore the function that continuously keeps abreast of the various work processes. The management is also the function which, through contact with our users, keeps themselves informed about how the user has perceived the course, whether it be courses or advice.

Authority Rules
The company is, of course, familiar with the legislation within the area and follows the following:



Frequently Asked

What is a working environment organization (AMO)?

In all companies, the employer, working environment representatives and work leaders must work together on the working environment. If the company has ten or more employees, the collaboration must take place in a working environment organization (AMO). AMO must continuously work with the company’s working environment. This means that AMO works with everyday working environment problems and the longer-term health and safety problems.

What tasks does HSO have?

The working environment organization (HSO) is the company’s most important tool for creating a safe and healthy working environment. Therefore, the working environment organization must participate in all important decisions about the working environment. The work environment organization has the following tasks:
Help to prepare a workplace assessment (APV).
Participate in the annual work environment discussion.
Contributing to the causes of occupational accidents and occupational diseases (occupational diseases) being investigated and notified to the Danish Working Environment Authority or the National Board of Industrial Injuries.
Advised and consulted when, for example, the company buys new technical aids or rebuilds.
Help to ensure that training is given in the use of assistive devices and machines.
Help to ensure that all new employees are informed about the workplace’s working environment, eg. various policies within health, bullying and stress.
Stay informed about the working environment, including the requirement to be informed of any visits from the Danish Working Environment Authority and whether an injunction has been issued.
Orient and answer questions about the working environment.

The size of HSO?

HSO must be large enough to be able to carry out its tasks satisfactorily, and it must always be possible to get in touch with its work environment representative. For companies with 35 employees and above, there must be two levels: One or more working environment groups and a committee that takes care of the overall work environment tasks where the employer or his representative participates.

How long does it take before the new health and safety representative takes the work environment training?

When you are elected as a health and safety representative or appointed as supervisor, you must complete the compulsory work environment training within the first three months after the election or appointment.

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