Health and Safety Course

The course will be held at:

Symbion Conference Center

Fruebjergvej 3

2100 København Ø


To acquire basic knowledge of the work of a health and safety organization.

Who should attend?

The employer has to ensure that the health and safety representatives and supervisors  participate in a mandatory safety course.

Working environment representatives and supervisors have the right and obligation to participate in the mandatory health and safety training.

Employers and managers, e.g. a CEO, is not obligated to participate in the health and safety course.

What do you learn?

The health and safety course teaches participants the requirements and demands that are placed upon them as health and safety representatives and supervisors. Participants must achieve a broad knowledge of the health and safety issues, so teaching should address methods, planning and implementation of preventive health and safety work in the company.

In addition to the above topics, participants also carry out a practical assignment at the company in which they are employed. The time used to complete the assignment comes in addition to the 22 hours devoted to training.

How long is the training?

The mandatory safety training lasts three days or the equivalent of 22 hours. Included in the 22 hours are shorter breaks.

When should the training be conducted?

The mandatory work program must be completed within three months after the health and safety representatives and supervisors are elected or appointed, and not from the time when they take office.

Web-based health and safety training

The mandatory safety training can be implemented as a web-based training.

The program starts, however, with a meeting for the entire class of at least four hours, which each course participant must attend.



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